12May, 2016

The 2 best supplements for weight loss

I got an email from this woman who says she lives in Ukraine..

(No idea how she got on my list, but hola everyone in Ukraine!)

She asked me:


I said:

Well, first off, how is your food? The best supplement will always be your food, your food, and nothing but your food.

A supplement is to ‘supplement’ something that is already solid. So no supplement will do anything if your food is not right.

Make sure you get:

** Enough calories in (1700 at least for women, 2300 at least for men)
** Nutrient-dense calories (from single-ingredient foods)
** Enough dark green veggies (2 servings a day)
** Enough protein (roughly 1.5 – 2 grams per lb of bodyweight)
** Enough healthy fats (2 servings a day)
** Enough water (1 gallon a day)

Once you have that dialed in, we can talk supplements

Then she emailed me back:


I said:

Start with Krill Oil or a very good Fish Oil first.

This will fight inflammation and cause your body to ‘release’ your fat to be burned.

It also:

** Filters out toxins and free radicals (‘detoxing’ yourself every day)
** Stabilizes your blood sugar (so you’ll have less cravings and mood-swings)
** Improves your skin
** Prevents Eye-Strain
** Reduces Joint pain
** Improves your short-term memory (you just have to remember to take it HAHA sorry)

Other than krill oil, I recommend protein powder for convenience.

You don’t NEED protein powder, but it’s so convenient.

If you’re a girl needing to eat 150 grams of protein, you can either eat eggs/chicken/turkey/beef/yogurt all day.. or you can add in a protein shake so you won’t be ‘chewing’ all day long.

Some people who don’t take protein shakes say they eat so much chicken that they feel like they’re turning into chickens.

You definitely don’t want to turn into a chicken. When have you ever seen a heroic chicken? Or a chicken that was really successful? A chicken that had respect? A chicken that people looked up to?

Foghorn Leghorn, maybe.

But he was a rooster.

So, as long as your other meals are high-quality, a couple protein shakes is totally fine, especially if you’re a busy-on-the-go individual.

A busy-on-the-go-individual, like, uhm, what do you call it, EVERYONE IN LOS ANGELES.

Hope this helps and answers your questions. (this is me talking to you, the person reading the email, not the lady from Ukraine)

Of course, if you have questions of your own send them over 🙂

Have an awesome weekend,

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Have an awesome weekend,

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