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21Sep, 2017

How to eat before your workout

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WARNING: This email has all kinds of science in it. But it’s supercool so check it out.

Did you know…

That if you separate out your carbs, proteins, and fats – that they will get digested better?
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17Aug, 2017

5 ways to live a more awesome life

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Hey Michael here with SUF, hope you’re doing great!

Today’s email is short, and you probably don’t even need it. Because you’re already awesome.

But hey, do you maybe know someone that has way more potential than they’re showing?

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15Aug, 2017

Less stress in bed (here’s how)

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So we all know by now, sleep is important, right?

When you sleep is when you burn the fat, recover, and ‘regenerate’ yourself.

But what if you’re doing everything right – yet still can’t fall asleep?

It happens to many of us.
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10Aug, 2017

34 ways to lose fat

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Yesterday I turned 34, and in Holland it’s tradition to “trakteer” on your birthday. This basically means, give everyone else gifts.

So I made you a little something I hope you’ll like – a list of 34 WAYS TO LOSE FAT. Let’s get straight to it..

1. Feel the muscle

Don’t just hoist weight. Lower under control and squeeze on the way up.

2. Jump Rope more

It’ll improve your foot speed, conditioning. Plus it’s portable, and you’re cooler when you can jump rope well.

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19Jul, 2017

“My boss won’t let me eat at work!”

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So I have this guy in my Long Beach 5am Elite group. He’s ALL about it, getting on the mealplan and making gains already.

But he does have a minor ‘problem’..

He told me yesterday that his boss won’t let him eat while working.

And in his case, long story short, it means he wouldn’t be able to eat from noon till 7pm.
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11Jul, 2017

And the winner of April 2017 Elite is..

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Hey Michael here with SUF – hope you’re doing awesome!

I’m going to show you who won our recent round of SUF Elite. It’ll be a video link at the bottom of this email.

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27Jun, 2017

There’s only ONE way to get motivated

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If you rely on things other than yourself to get ‘motivated’, then you’ll never get ‘motivated’.

‘Motivational’ movies, pics, friends, speakers – all of them are great. But nothing will motivate you more than 1 word:

-> Results < - The instant you start seeing results on yourself, everything changes. Continue Reading There’s only ONE way to get motivated

27Jun, 2017

4 things most gyms don’t want you to hear

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The truth will always give you the shortest route to success.

But so many times the truth is hard to swallow. Especially when it comes to getting fit, the truth can be HARSH.

It takes hard work, sacrifice, sweat, tears – and it takes a ‘thick skin’ to hear that from someone.

But the problem is that so many people get lied to every day. By big gyms, supplement companies, tv shows, etc.

So today I want to tell you some cold-hard TRUTHS about getting in shape. These are harsh, but let’s go:


Any time you have a group of people trying to accomplish the same thing, a top 20% will arise that actually see massive results.

No matter how good or bad the program, or how educated or strong the people, the average success rates in anything are 20%.

This is because it’s human nature to be indifferent and lazy. So in order to succeed you have to leave your comfort zone and be massively uncomfortable.

Success always happens in chaos. If you’re in still waters then it simply means you haven’t left the harbor yet.

Everyone goes through adversity – and it’s your reaction to that adversity what shapes you. That’s life.

So take this info and be part of that 20%. You’ll just have to do what most people aren’t doing.. which is work hard, have a thick skin, take responsibility, and never complain.


An everlasting problem is that big gyms, supplement companies, doctors if you don’t know anything about fitness, then

That’s why lies are ‘easier’. “A lie can travel half way around the world while the truth is still putting on its’ shoes”

Reason I’m saying this is because every day people who DON’T KNOW about weight loss are lied to.

And “A lie told often enough becomes the truth”, so I want to debunk a couple of them right here..

Last night I was in our La Palma location. And as I was walking to my car, I noticed these guys putting flyers on windshields.

Big ones too, like, they were annoying to take off. And when I took mine off, I saw it was an ad from a local ‘big gym’.


he only way to get results is to first get started.

And even though you can ‘fake it till you make it’, I’ve found that



22Jun, 2017

3 perfect foods I’m not eating

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THREE foods that’ll make it a lot easier to lose weight, get fit, all that stuff.

(But for whatever reason, I’m not eating any of them right now. Though I plan on changing that today)

NUMBER ONE >> Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV)

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20Jun, 2017

You need to eat more

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HELLO, Michael here with SUF – hope you’re doing ok in this heat right now (!drink lots of water!)

It’s time I tell you something you already know. But you might need to hear it again. All about..



.. and how you need lots of both.
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