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3May, 2017

3 types of people..

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So once upon a time, there were 3 brick layers

If you asked the first one what he was doing, he’d say “I’m laying bricks!”

Ask the second one, and that brick layer would say he was “making a living”

The third one however, when asked what he was doing, he’d answer “I’M BUILDING A CATHEDRAL”

Until you think your job is worthwhile

Thinking makes it so

Secret of life – Perception is reality.

You are what you think you are.

P.S. If you just skipped to the end of this email, then just read this out loud:

I think big. I believe big. My ideas are first class, and I won’t settle for anything less. From the clothes I wear, to the way I care, I am #1. I’m driven, enthusiastic, and I make progress. I’m already on top, but I’m headed even higher. Being the best doesn’t come easy, so I work hard. I do not stop.

If I had to name the ONE reason why some people don’t succeed in life, it would be because they simply don’t believe they can.

As children we all wanted to be astronauts and doctors.

Then we grew up. And we start hearing it’s foolish to be a dreamer.

How we’re impractical, naive, and how we have to keep our feet on the ground.

Then we hear to get ahead that we need to have tons of money, friends in high places, and super lucky.

Because of all this dumb talk, there are 3 groups of people in this world:

FIRST GROUP is the group of people who has given up. This is the majority of all people.

They’ve been told so much dumb talk that they feel they shouldn’t even bother.

They’re convinced they don’t have what it takes. And they go to great lengths to rationalize their status.

These are also the people who go to great lengths to show others how happy they really are.

SECOND GROUP is there group of people who surrender partially. Much smaller group than the first one.

This group has dreams and ambitions, they work hard, they plan, and they achieve.

But after a decade or so, resistance builds up. Competition builds up. And this group decides that extra effort simply isn’t worth it.

So they rationalize that they’re doing above average, so “why knock ourselves out?”

THIRD GROUP is 2-3% of the entire world population.

This group never surrendered their dreams and goals. To this day they don’t and never will let pessimism dictate their limitations.

They don’t believe in surrendering to dumb talk.

Instead, these people live and breathe success. They accomplish the most.

These people find life stimulating, rewarding, worthwhile. And every day is another adventure to be lived to the fullest.

Of course, we’d all want to be in group 3.

But to get there, we have to fight off the dumb talk. And believe in yourself.

Every day someone is buying a McLaren, and those with nice physiques are no better than you. Believe it!


1May, 2017

7 Ways to beat BLOATING

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Hey Michael here with SUF – hope you had an awesome weekend!

Have you ever been bloated? Where you felt like, “what the?!!”, looking at your stomach, thinking you’re 8 months pregnant even if you’re a guy?

Usually there’s a ‘pro’ to every ‘con’. Something good that comes with something bad.


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23Apr, 2017

Doctors vs Trainers..

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Sometimes I hear doctors prescribing our clients all kinds of meds.

They have a slight injury, or feel a bit down – and whatever the doctor says gets accepted.

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20Apr, 2017

5 easy ways to reduce stress

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First off, let’s all agree America is the greatest country on earth.

We get stuff done. We handle business.

But one problem that has plagued Americans for the longest time is our high stress levels.

We take on too much stuff, trying to live faster than we realistically can.

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18Apr, 2017

FAST weight loss (here’s how)

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So I don’t want to get too technical (which means I’m about to get technical).. but if you cut all carbs right now..

.. then your body will use up all your glycogen, blabla, glycogen carries a lot of water weight, etc etc, and long story short –

By cutting all your carbs, you can lose 10 lbs in a week.


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30Mar, 2017

1 teaspoon of this will make you lose weight

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Down in the Michael Duivis Center for Scientific Research (which is an underground lab somewhere).. we’ve been doing some studies

We found that when you put cinnamon in your chocolate protein shake, your chocolate protein shake will turn into a cinnamon-chocolate protein shake
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28Mar, 2017

7 random fitness tips for today

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So I’ve been replying to emails all day, all of them have widespread topics.

“Are bananas good for you?”

(answer is yes, around workout time)
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16Mar, 2017

Carbs carbs carbs

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Carbs carbs carbs

Carbs can be complicated little things IF YOU LET THEM
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14Mar, 2017

What about Subway?

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So a recent study has shown that the chicken from Subway is only 50% meat.

The other 50% is soy.
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7Mar, 2017

Say goodbye to Costco..

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I saw one of our SUF clients post on Facebook one time:

“Yum Yum I love this new yogurt I got, yum!”

Then someone else commented:
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